Meth Inside Out Video

Meth Inside Out

“This exceptional video series accomplishes a goal few manage to attain: teaching science-based content in an engaging way to assist with the delivery of effective substance abuse treatment. A real step forward for the field.”
– Deni Carise, Ph.D., Director, Treatment Systems Section, Treatment Research Institute, Philadelphia

This research-based educational video curriculum on methamphetamine was co-produced by UCLA ISAP and Eyes of the World Media Group. The series is designed to equip meth users, their families, and the professionals who assist them with a solid understanding of the biological basis of addiction, effective tools for recovery, and, most important, hope for the future.

Created for maximum flexibility, the curriculum is designed to meet the needs of treatment centers, correctional facilities, community centers, social service agencies, and universities. The series is composed of 3 episodes, which can be used individually or as a set. Handbooks allow counselors to maximize the educational potential of each episode.

Meth Inside Out uses innovative 3D animations of the brain to illustrate how methamphetamine impacts the brain in an engaging and accessible way. This animation shows how meth use causes a massive release of dopamine, the brain’s pleasure chemical.